Q: How do I get a ticket?

A: Only members of the Texas Homebrew Society are eligible to taste and vote (judge) at Brew Riot.  Anyone over 21 years of age can become a member.

Become a member by registering here: http://www.txhomebrewsociety.com/become-a-member.html


Q: Why do I have to be a Texas Homebrew Society Member?

A: The TABC asked us to form the Texas Homebrew Society to comply with Sec. 109.22- Delivery of Home-Produced Wine, Ale, Malt Liquor or Beer.


Q: If I am not going to drink, do I need to buy a membership?

A: No, if you cannot or do not want to drink at Brew Riot, you don’t need a membership / ticket to enjoy the live music or other festival activities.


Q: How are winners picked?

A: Two Ways- 1) A panel of judges ranks the beers. 2) A people’s choice competition.


Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Friendly leashed dogs are allowed.


Q: Is Brew Riot family friendly?

A: We are making every effort to create a fun, and safe environment. Anyone who distracts from this goal will be asked to leave. On-site security will be provided by the Dallas Police Department.




4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. How can I get involved to volunteer? I’m TABC, so I can help out with pouring if you guys need help or anything else.

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